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Extending exterior wall to roof
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* October 05, 2007, 10:02:59 AM
Okay, first, I know how to extend a wall to the roof, and I've been able to do that. My problem is that I have a gable roof and the exterior wall immediately below it does not correspond to an exterior wall even with the bottom of that level.  The attached screenshot shows the wall of the 2nd story with an arrow pointing to the wall that I need to fill in.  Thanks.


* October 05, 2007, 12:04:00 PM
I'd use a wall. If you check 'show gable end' you cannot put windows in and I assume that will be your next step.

The only other option you have is to add a wall at the same loction the roof was placed on and set the wall to 'extend to gable'.

In this case, just drag the wall across that is currently filling the gable end.

Remember that unlike FloorPlan, Turbo FloorPlan allows you to elevate walls / slope them etc, they are very flexable. Experiment.


* October 16, 2007, 04:10:47 PM
Just getting back to this again...

Okay, that worked, sort of.  However, it appears that the surface showing in that gable is actually the "interior surface" of the wall, rather than the exterior, I think because the base of the wall starts out as a virtually interior wall.  From the inside of the structure the surface is also interior.

I'm attaching a screenshot so you can see what TFP things the wall segment is.  Even though I extended the interior wall (blue), it created a new wall object (green).

Thanks again for the help!