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V17 - 2017 Looking for Help? / Re: Importing DXF file
« Last post by Patricia G. on February 14, 2018, 03:14:29 PM »
You're welcome!  :D
V17 - 2017 Looking for Help? / Re: Importing DXF file
« Last post by Darryl W on February 14, 2018, 03:11:01 PM »
Thanks Patricia G, you are one smart person indeed!
V17 - 2017 Looking for Help? / Re: Importing DXF file
« Last post by Patricia G. on February 14, 2018, 03:04:51 PM »
Hi there,

If the import menu is grayed out, I'd say that you are in Quick Start mode, right?  :)
Using Quick start is like a napkin sketch or a fast layout, so after you click the Continue button (right of the screen), you will go to the project stage. Therefore, after you press the "Continue" button you will be able to import your file as well as use all the TFP features.
V17 - 2017 Looking for Help? / Importing DXF file
« Last post by Darryl W on February 14, 2018, 02:50:56 PM »
The import menu option is greyed out and I cant import a 2D dxf file. Checked the help file and it show the commands but I still cant load the file any ideas why I cant load the dxf file?
Hi Wim,

Yes it is possible to do this but it is not simple. Simply put you have to create an object the shape of the arch to represent the bricks, and add it to the top of your archway, attaching it to the wall so to speak. You can then apply a suitable texture. (See the link below).

Another option is to use a photo of such an arch applying it to the wall as a full image (not a tiled one).

A third option is to create a "photoboard" of the arch. This is in affect a floating photo of the arch bricks positioned in front of the archway. The photo is rectangular but you can make it all invisible except the brick arch itself but setting the colour to true Magenta (Red 255, Green 255 and Yellow 255) and save it as a BMP file. Magenta become invisible in TFP. The image must be a BMP not JPG - otherwise you will have a pink fringe around your arch. You import the photo as a "photoboard" and position it against the wall and resize it to fit.

Unfortunately these soltions are not really easy unless you are very familiar with the program and its capabilities.

The following link provides some details, and has links within it to more detail. I hope it helps.,1319.msg6485.html#msg6485


The design of my tropical home includes an arched veranda.
Since I want to include elements of my current house in the new home design I like to 'top' some or all of the arch openings with an arch made of bricks. On one side or both - not sure yet.
The same idea for our main entrance which leads past a fishpond with stepping stones: I consider to top (some of) the windows/doors with a similar arch made with bricks.
I will attach a screenpic where showing one of the veranda arches leading to the main entrance door.

I do not need to apply the brick arches in the design: I can just TELL my future architect what I like. But it would be nice if I can SHOW him in TFP. Any suggestion?

Hi Allan,

Got it done again, thanks to your help - and the link you wrote for another dumbo like me ;-)
Must honestly say: the way to do it is far from user-friendly. Too many clickclickclicks... Especially the trim from top/bottom is a real trap!

A few hurdles made the run extra complicated:
1. The outside walls of my new home are seen by TFP as INSIDE walls. My own mistake: when I made the initial layout of my terrain I used 'walls of 1 cm' to create a road, a rice irrigation canal, borders of my terrain. Even if these 'walls' are almost invisible, TPF treats them as walls - thus the outside walls of my home will be inside walls. - What other option would I have head initially, to determine the rough structure of the building site?
2. Because I had to add wainscots to interior walls, the question was: left or right interior. It always was a guess. What is left and what is right?
3. On long walls the wainscots I applied are interrupted where another interior room 'touches' the wall(s) I want to modify. How can I give these 'sides' of interior walls the same look?

As to the tower: I managed to get a small hip roof with 3 pending sides. But the front of the rectangular 2x2m tower remains flat. How to get the 'four sided church tower roof'?

Another question coming, in a new post.
Stop if you get bored... :-)

Thanks again!
Hi Wim.

Wainscott is well know in some English speaking areas and lot others. A lotnl of other building words have the same problems so I guess it is all a learning curve.

Re the Church roof. Not sure whether you are talking about round or square base but either way if you just want a high pointed roof just set the Pitch (angle of the roof) accordingly and it will do it for you.

Hello Allan,

I just modified my post - adding the necessity to 'split' the texture of kitchen and bathroom walls.
Must say the word 'wainscot' is a typical expert word. For certain most non-native English speakers will never have heard about it.
Better to replace it or add a more common synonym.
But you helped me out - again. Thanks.

Another post I wrote
cannot be found back. No time now for a separate post.
Maybe a quick qustion is permitted: how to add a typical 'church tower' roof on my planned water tower hiding the tank and well: 6m high, 2x2m?

Thanks again,
Hi Wim,

This has been covered a number of times in the forum but what to Search for to find things is often a problem. In your case the key word is Wainscot. This allows you to set two textures on any wall.

The following link will take you to one of these previous posts that includes an image showing how to set it. You should be able to do what you want following these directions.,1028.0.html

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