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V17 - 2017 Looking for Help? / Four door pantry
« Last post by bjbateman on May 10, 2017, 04:23:06 PM »
How do I create a pantry with four doors, two short doors on the top, two long ones on the bottom?
V17 - 2017 General Discussion / Installed but will not open TFP 17
« Last post by Lee Christian on May 10, 2017, 03:38:59 PM »
I've installed it on my laptop, when i open it is ask for the activation code. I input it and it says" Activation successful, TFP is now fully activated". Then nothing that's as far as it goes nothing else. I've already restarted my laptop, uninstalled and reinstalled still cant get it to work. what now?
V12 - V16 Looking for Help? / Re: Print to file / plotting
« Last post by Granillo on May 09, 2017, 02:22:32 AM »
Just to add my two cents...I tried both Primo pdf and Cute pdf (both are free and enable creating pdf files). I found Organifi that Primo pdf did a poor job with TurboFloorPlan (altough it works well with other software.) Cute pdf worked well but the line where not dark (faded).


Thanks Dave I got it working thanks to your post.
Hi John,

You're welcome!  :)

The demo versions are an excellent idea. Try both options and decide after.

If you need additional info for the V2017 version, I have free tutorials, galleries, images in my website as well as in my Facebook page (see the links in my signature).

Good luck!  ;)
V12 - V16 General Discussion / Re: V15 Re-Install - Version Updates or Patches?
« Last post by John C on May 05, 2017, 07:31:20 AM »
Allan & Patricia,

Thanks so much for taking time to reply and all the info.  Still not sure what I intend to do about upgrading though...  I really like the idea of going to ENV PA12 for the compatibility and photo-realism aspects but I've used TFP for so long I don't want to have to invest that kind of time again re-learning too much of how to get the program to produce what I'm thinking.  Also would hate to give up the great community and forums here.  Took a look at the ENV PA "forum" and it was awful from a user / help perspective.  Maybe I'll have to try the demo versions before taking the leap one way or the other!

I've learned a lot from you both over the years just by looking on the forums when I had questions or problems.  Really appreciate your inputs and dedication!
Hi John and Allan,

Just a couple of notes to clarify the TFP V2017 features.

I suspect that the DXF export would not be editable in V2017.
The DXF file is 100% editable in TFP V2017=> you just need to select the elements and use the "convert to" tool and convert your lines and shapes into walls, roofs, etc.
In my eBooks (see links in my signature), I have a step by step tutorial about this feature.

Envisioneer/PA has extreme precision (to 4 decimal places) ...(...) to the exact sun position at any time of the day, month and year, in any city anywhere in the world. Some do not need that precision, so may be quite content with V2017. 
The precision in TFP V2017 is also 4 decimal places (Metric System), and 1/16" (English System). The features of the sun position (time, date and location in the world) are the same.

Hope this helps,
Hi John,

If you are able to open your projects, then you have the correct version without updates. If you had done any updates you would not have even been able to get to the first screen, so you can continue editing and everything that was there before should still be there.

As far as upgrading is concerned, I cannot personally comment as to how effective a DXF output from V15 to V2017 would be, as I have not done it but it is obvious there would be a lot of work reconstructing and refurnishing to do and I suspect that the DXF export would not be editable in V2017.

If you were to go to Personal Architect you would find that it will open your projects exactly as you had them in V15 and you can also set PA to use your V15 catalogue if you want, so any customised or imported objects would still be there. This would save a HUGE amount of work as V2017 would almost mean doing your projects all over again.

Both programs have their pros and cons of course. TFP V2017 has some nice automated features that will appeal to some and it renders very quickly, but, in my opinion, not with the realism of TFP. Envisioneer/PA has extreme precision (to 4 decimal places) and the photorealistic renderings are just that - they look like real photos! My main use of these programs was for photorealistic renderings which is why I went from V16 to Envisioneer (the parent program). It opens all my existing projects (dozens of them) and continued to give me the exact control and accuracy of lighting from the wattage, angle, type and colour of the light bulb, to the exact sun position at any time of the day, month and year, in any city anywhere in the world. Some do not need that precision, so may be quite content with V2017. 

Both programs are very good and the same price, so it is really up to you which way to go, depending on your needs and expectations.


V12 - V16 General Discussion / Re: V15 Re-Install - Version Updates or Patches?
« Last post by John C on May 04, 2017, 12:05:19 PM »
Allan, thank you for your reply!

I had tried opening previously created files (more recent ones) and they all opened and seemed OK.  I assumed that meant they were likely OK and no other update was needed even though I didn't do a close detailed review to see if any objects were missing or looked odd.  I also couldn't recall any major updates or patches but as you say, it's been quite awhile so I thought I'd ask to see if anyone was aware of something.  Given your response and the fact that the files did open, I'm going to assume all is good for now.

BTW, I'm considering upgrading or purchasing TFP 2017.  Any experience with how well export to DXF followed by import of DXF to 2017 works or whether I can have both versions installed simultaneously on the same machine?

Edit - After doing some more poking around regarding possible upgrade, I've run into info that makes me think I should consider purchasing Envisioneer Personal Architect Version 12.  From what I've read, seems like that might be more compatible with me coming from TFP V15 than going with TFP 2017.  Is that correct?  Are there any major pros / cons between the 2 or major reasons I should consider one over the other?

Thanks again!
Hi John and welcome to the forum.

V15 is a long time ago but stretching my memory back  I don't think there were any updates or patches but I could be wrong. Have you had any trouble opening some of your later models?  If not then you are OK. If you had done an update then the project would  not open.

Because it is so long ago and  the current version is based on a completely different parent program that is totally incompatible, I don't think if there were any updates they would be available now.

Let us know how you go opening previous projects.

V12 - V16 General Discussion / V15 Re-Install - Version Updates or Patches?
« Last post by John C on May 04, 2017, 09:49:36 AM »
I just had to re-install TFP Home & Landscape Pro V15 from my original CD.  It shows the build version as 15.0.C2.770.  My question is whether there are any updates or patches that I need to install to get it back to the "latest" V15 version and if so, where are they located?

I've got hundreds of hours of work in many plans in TFP created over the years and can't recall for sure if I ever had to do any program updates or patches.  Just want to be sure I can get my configuration back to the point where I can be sure it works with all the material I've created.

Thanks for any info and help!
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