TurboFloorPlan 2017 is Shipping!!!

Hundegger and TFP
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* March 23, 2010, 03:26:54 PM
Bottom Line:

Cadsoft, under the direction of IMSI Design creates TurboFloorplan. It will be possible to create a TFPlan model and either within the program or the more advanced Envisioneer program export that model as a .lay file.

Precut Lumber Shipment

The .lay can be read by Keymark which is an advanced framing program that works in conjunction with machines like the Hundegger shown in action on the you tube video.

Studs / rafters/ trusses/ I joists/ headers/ structural beams are all cut / stamped and ready to be 'assembled' on the job site. I've been told that the cost to the builder is equal to what would be spent for on site frame cutting. Waste is reduced by over one dumpster. The machine can cut up 3-4 home lumber shippments in one day.

All from the information gathered when creating the 3D Model.

I thought this imfomation would be of interest to those fans of IMSI Design and the direction they are helping to bring to builders.