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Some ideas
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May 10, 2010, 07:08:51 PM
1.  Layers and standard tree list of all objects in a project.

This provides easy access to any object without having to click directly on it, which sometimes requires hiding other locations/floors or objects, and extends the View filter into a fully adaptable expand/contract manager for views, placement on layers (different from elevations).  The properties for each object are then accessible for changing.

2.  Faster renderer, much faster for higher resolutions, the raytrace based tool can produce some nice renders, but rendering costs too much time compared to other tools.

3.  Export: improve the types of exports to include Collada, and FBX.  This would allow better import into other tools to finalising/renders etc.

And, please if your going to provide exporting, carry naming through to the object and make sure texture maps and UV's are correct within limitations of format which is really why Collada and FBX should be done (I've just tested exporting to 3ds and maybe some of the building is ok but the appliances had incorrect maps, wrl export seemed better).
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