TurboFloorPlan 2017 is Shipping!!!

V15 Ready for Marketing?
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* May 13, 2010, 12:02:29 PM
I just received an email notice introducing version 15 of TFP Pro.  I checked out the descriptions of the new features at the website.  

There appears to be some interesting improvements and newly added features.  Or, at least to the extent that I could decipher from the horrid English grammar and spelling.

If representatives of IMSIDesign read this forum, I would urge you to check and correct the grammar, syntax and spelling on the "New Features" page.  I had difficulty understanding many of the features due to the lack of clarity of the meaning of some sentences.  In some cases, I had no idea what the writer intended for me to learn.

It does not foster much confidence in a product when the language intended to describe that product is so poorly done.

Thanks and best wishes from a loyal, long-time user.