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Limits to levels, rooms, textures per object etc ?
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* September 25, 2007, 03:34:21 PM
Hi, I've read through the IMSI features list. I'd need the TFP_Pro version to better my trusty FP_v8 and less-used v10, but the list offers no clue to limits of file-size, imports etc etc.

How does TFP handle VERY COMPLEX plan-files ?? Can it access 'large memory' beyond ~ 1Gb ? Will it just go disk-thrash while leaving half the RAM unused ? Sadly, due program bloat, that happened to v10 before files got near the complexity that v8 or v6 would support. Sadly, this was aggravated by internal storage of all objects. IMHO, 'Poser' is a good example of how to segregate 'plan' and 'object' storage...

I need a LOT of levels: Is there a limit ??
One of the enduring features of FP has been the ability to overlay multiple levels within same space. This allowed the assembly of very complex scenes, like a cartoonist stacking cels. I remember an early 3DHA version was limited to 5 or 6 levels because fixing that featured on the wish-list that led me to FP_6...

I need a LOT of rooms: Is there a limit ??

I need a LOT of objects: Is there a limit ??

How does TFP handle hi-poly models, eg in 3DS format ??
My FP would choke on anything above ~250 kb.

( Okay, one work-around was importing to a mini-plan to allow FP more workspace, saving as a converted BMO, then drag&dropping the BMO into plan. Hmm: Does TFP support FP's BMO ?? If not, no great loss... )

Is there a facility to link to external objects that are too big to hold within the plan ? Best example of this is probably 'Poser' which may have a library object with object mesh stored in external 'geometry' directory.

How does TFP handle import of objects with multiple textures ??
IIRC, FP had a bug which restricted 3DS imports to 12~~15 textures...

With luck, I'll have time to down-load a trial version and play with it. Unfortunately, I cannot expect a trial version to have the full suite of facilities...

My CAD_PC is 3Gb/3GHz AMD_64 with XP_SP2 and twin graphic cards. Vista now looks stable enough to try.


* September 25, 2007, 07:32:36 PM

It will take lots of locations - I vaguely seem to recall seeing 99 somewhere but I can't be positive about that.  There should not be an issue with room numbers and there seem to be thousands of textures already but it will accept more!

I have not done a lot of experimenting with 3DS yet except for one tree but I did notice a big increase in the file size. It went back to normal when deleted. Raytrace rendering is very quick but produces grotesque shadows of the light fitting on the ceiling. I am still experimenting with radioisity - it would not work until I turned off hardware accelleration - so are it is giving me a totally black ceiling so more experimenting (or help from here) is needed. Will do a new thread on that.

Get the trail version and experiment - it is the full version and all you will need to do if you choose to buy is apply the new access code etc.


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