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use multi-thread multi-CPU for Adv renders
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* March 10, 2012, 09:35:18 AM
I'm assuming others have the same results: run an advanced render and it goes pretty slow because mostly only 1 CPU core is being used....when it gets to the basic render the PC runs all core and all threads and is much much faster.

I have a 4 core/4thread i72600....about as fast as one can get without spending $1K for the CPU alone
And 12GB ram...win7x64pro so I am not limited by PC specs.

So IMSI, please, re-code the advanced render engine to take advantage of multi-core/multi-thread CPUs which is what everyone buys these days.

Or am I missing something or can adjust a setting?


* March 10, 2012, 10:03:22 PM
Hi Doug,

Depends what you call "pretty slow" I suppose.  All the computer technicality goes right over my head I am afraid, but I generally render a model in Advanced once, so I have the whole model as a Radiosity model render, then I just move the camera around the Radiosity render and do the various views I want using Ratrace only, which then only take a few seconds.


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* March 11, 2012, 08:53:48 AM
Yes that works well but I'm talking about the first radiosity render....which is using only one core of CPU.

Most people now have at least 2. I'm using a 4 core + 4 thread.

You can see core/thread usage on a Task Manager before a render and click on performance tab...start render and watch the radiosity one CPU works under load...when doing raytrace they all go near my case that means 4x to 8x more computing power/speed for raytrace....and 1x to 2x for radiosity....and CPU usually only gets to 14% avg. not near 100%.

And it is not HDD or anything else slowing down the system.....radiosity render calcs are just not optimized.
My other 2D and 3D programs now all use multi CPU cores OK.
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* January 05, 2013, 06:10:04 AM
I want to second Doug on this one.

Just did an render test and while I'm not showing the differences between basic and advanced that he had TFP is definitely not utilizing resources very well.  Seems to max one cpu or the gpu depending on what it's doing.

Two points:
- TFP installed as 32-bit software, maybe a 64-bit version would make the difference.
- I'm not getting the improvement in rendering time I hoped for going from a dual-core with onboard graphics to an i7-3930k (the price dropped!) with a radion 7970, though I can render more complex visuals that my old sytem would have crashed on.