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tool bars et al
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* January 27, 2013, 06:54:51 AM
Since I have a dual monitor setup, I have all my toolbars as free-standing (normal, not tabbed) but there are 4 problems that I recommend IMSI fix/new feature:

1 any time you change even one toolbar from/to tabbed vs normal or back, ALL toolbars relocate to aligned in one place and they all have to be moved again where wanted; a huge waste of time.  Make them all retain their "normal" position when any one other toolbar is changed to/from tabbed.

2 Every toolbar retains it's position (not changing from/to normal/tabbed) from last time TFP shutdown....Excellent (don't change this)....BUT the Catalog window always changes back to some small size from the much larger size I leave it when I close TFP. Please fix so the Catalog/Camera window always retains its size and position each time TFP starts in the same as when TFP was last closed.

3 Since all toolbars are now "normal", there is NO toolbar button for "materials paint brush"  (available from menu OK)...Please locate that brush on one of the regular toolbars such as display mode or any other.  (Meanwhile, the measure tool is in 2 toolbars; that is OK but there is a space for the brush).

4 Please add a feature for user to define own keyboard shortcuts for any tool or function in TFP. Using menu key shortcuts is very cumbersome when so many keystrokes are needed such as alt+t+y+a+3.  AND for example a direct key or button to do adv render without going thru all the mouse clicks would be very helpful; most programs all you need do is ctrl+r and render starts.

Keep "Esc" key to get back to the pointer/selector tool...very handy.
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