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easier color/texture selections
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* February 08, 2013, 10:54:28 AM
Often in the same .bld file I apply the same colors/textures to various objects and each repeat becomes tedious. Yes the materials paintbrush is a help but not a solution. Same with the select similar (which does not always select or if it does it will not allow properties to change together).

My suggestion is to have an optional window table/list (for example, like I have/use in Carrara 3D program), of every object and every "shader" (i.e. color/texture applied) so if I need to apply that color/texture again, I only need to select an item and it shows on the window list or I go to the list and find what I want from there instead of digging down 5 layers of dialogs to select what I want and already have.

Additionally this provides a ready list to find items that otherwise seem lost or hard to select in 2D/3D...or to scan the list to see if there are any strange objects such as 3 ceilings in the same place.  Yes the list can get long but if indented/sub-sectioned, it is very manageable even for hundreds of items because the list is logical.

Carrara also has menu items to delete any stray/unused objects, delete "shaders" no longer in use, and a means to consolidate shaders rather than have a bunch of repeats....these may not be needed in TFP if the coding already corrects for that to keep file size to a minimum.

Thanks,  Doug.S

see attached examples of such lists.