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Importing .skp Files
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* July 22, 2013, 05:44:37 PM

         Hi everybody :

                       The  Importer for Turbo Floor Plan V16 needs to be  "patched".   Apparently, there's a bug in that  part of the software.   TFP V16 doesn't interpret the  (imported) objects correctly.   Not all the data for those objects make the import.



* July 22, 2013, 06:11:25 PM
1. with release of TFP17; I can't imagine IMSI will do anything more with TFP16

2. Perhaps the .skp file was of a newer version of .skp after TFP was released.....suggest if you can get an earlier version of the .skp file that is compatible wth TFP16 you will probably have more success....but there could be plugins in SU that are not compatible with any version of TFP.


* July 23, 2013, 11:04:00 AM

     Doug S.  :

                     Currently,  I have version 16.   I tried an experiment.   On a blank TFP project, I imported a small building (it's a small business building).  It got imported totally black.   I checked Properties.  Seeing the colors of the ( original) object,  I clicked on each one.   Went into the Colors library.   Changed each facet of the building....the exterior wall color, window color to glass, etc.    After doing that the  object appeared normal.     The main reason I made a building in Google Sketchup is so I can have a   "pre-fab" to do a quick insert into my TFP project.  Mostly for  filling in an area around my main  TFP object.     Anyway, that object that I inserted (even though  it didn't import properly) was done with Sketchup version 7.     I have, in my  System  Sketchup  version 8.    Which I was informed was the  proper version that would work with TFP V16.      I guess I can...for now.....eliminate a System Memory problem.    Other than that,  TFP V16 is working normally.      Thanks for your reply.


* July 23, 2013, 06:18:19 PM
Usually when you import a .skp file it also imports the colors (often the materials .jpg file) under a folder for SU it generates automatically....see attached screen shot.....look in your system/TFP to see if maybe your .skp materials are there for you to use if they did not get automatically applied when object was imported and saved to catalog.

Maybe search your PC as link to files may have broken? Also see links to files in program settings for materials/textures...see attached pic.
C:\ProgramData\IMSIDesign\TURBOFloorPlan3D Home & Landscape PRO 16\Textures\Sketchup