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ver 12.x update coming soon?
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* January 06, 2008, 06:23:13 PM
Envisioneer (parent of TFP) has released an update ver. 4.5 recently that fixed some bugs and added new features.

Sure hoping TFP 12.x free update will be released soon that fixes most of the bugs reported in this forum so far. 

While new features would be welcomed, bug fixes especially for HA and rendering with lights (at "normal" wattage settings) and sun 'on' or 'off' are far more important.


* January 07, 2008, 08:55:01 AM
I'm still hoping IMSI will produce proverbial lop-eared rabbit from hat, along with a 'FP Plan Bridge' utility.

More important to current users, though, is fixing those erratic renders.

Incidentally, when I fired up Wings3D yesterday, the 'Environment' listed and reported itself delighted with the OpenGL 2.0 hardware support. So what was 'Classic' FP doing wrong ??

FWIW, I am having ghastly problems with Wings because of emphasis on subdivision modelling rather than CAD. I've already run into 'Classic' FP's issues with edited objects made in TurboCAD from faces rather than solids. At least I remember some of the TC work-arounds, can draw analogies...


* January 09, 2008, 07:38:42 AM
I have tried "wings" but do not use it very often.  Hexagon and Carrara can make vertex objects with many facets but can be "simplified" by tools that eliminate many facets such as "make co-planar" and "crease edges" and "remove duplicate points" and opposite of subdivide (but can't remember the tool name).

Maybe you can do that in Wings too....or generally for architecture I use simple 'straight line' modelling where possible (or from primitives) rather than use a mode of anthropomorphic. Or use extruded closed line shape models  (2.5D) which are not faceted via triangles or poly/n-gons, but rather by rectangular faces.

BTH all of these are surface modellers (not true solids models) tho they may look solid.....they are really "closed" surfaces


* January 11, 2008, 12:25:58 PM
I despaired of Wings: Everything is back-to-front from how I think, how I work...

D'uh, hardly surprising, as I'm no Artist...

So, I downloaded Anim8tor, had a look at that. DejaVu, it looks and feels a LOT like the Draw3D which got me started on TurboCAD's learning curve...

Yes, Anim8tor is another subdivision modeller, but allows a workflow closer to familiar CAD environment. During my first session, I actually managed to make something resembling the 'test' object I wanted. IMHO, Anim8tor has the tools I need, presented in a way I can use. I just gotta learn them...