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Howdy, Y'all! --from "Laughingchipmunk"
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July 01, 2015, 05:00:18 PM
Haven't been on here for a long time......just wanted to say hi and hope everyone is doing alright! 

I moved down to south GA (5 min from the Kings Bay Naval Sub Base) from OH last Sept 2014 to be with my Significant Other, who works at the base.  So far, so good, enjoying my new life here, but I do get homesick often and miss my peeps up north. 

Just now getting back to playing around with my TFP Pro again--had to re-install everything on Rich's computer when the HD in my laptop started going out.  My newest project is..... our apartment!  Just started on it, but it shouldn't take that long to finish--it's only 950 sq ft in real life.  Trying to get everything in the virtual project looking as close as possible to the real thing.  Since I'm using a different computer, with a better graphics card and all that, I shouldn't have problems with rendering, like I did with my laptop.  I'll show you the apartment when it's all done! 

Hope everyone is having a good summer, and staying cool and safe!  Oh yeah.....and I decided to go with my real name now!  :D

PS.  I lost my imported textures--AGAIN--but I'll figure out how to get 'em back!   :P


* July 02, 2015, 07:03:41 AM
Hi Judy,

Nice to hear from you again and will be looking forward to seeing your apartment when you complete it.

As far as missing textures go, if you do not import them into the TFP Textures folder on your computer drive they will not automatically appear in your catalogue of materials. If they were saved elsewhere, TFP wouls still use them but if they werr moved to a different folder (or different computer!) the program would not find them.

If you reinstalled the program, it would install a NEW copy of the Textures folder, so, even if your imported textures were originally saved in the Textures folder, you would have to copy that folder over from the old computer and replace the new one with the old one.

Hope that makes sense.


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