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OpenGL prefs adjustments
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* January 24, 2008, 12:04:44 PM
I use OpenGL on nearly every graphics app I use and a few 3D progs offer app specific "adjustments" to make OGL work better (beyond/in addition to the OGL vid card driver).

See attached examples.

I suggest that TFP add something similar to resolve issues with Hardware Acceleration....other than just "on" or "off"


* January 25, 2008, 07:09:24 AM
Hi, Doug !

Being able to switch individual OpenGL facilities on/off would certainly narrow down the field...

Snag is that TFP claims it is OpenGL compliant. So do all our graphic cards' and drivers' documentation, Fresh Diagnose and OpenGL_test utilities...

Flip-side to their cheerful claims is the woes reportedly suffered by AutoCAD. IIRC, they have a very, very short list of *fully* compatible hardware and drivers, have resorted to a utility that test-beds host-PC's OpenGL routines. IIRC, it feeds them 'difficult' data-sets, compares returns to benchmark results for no/go compliance...

The whole mess reminds me of RS-232 connectivity issues. To link my little logging printer to instruments for a 'till-roll' of re-calibration results, I had a sack of cables, a bag of 'gender bender' adaptors, a 'break-out' plug-box and a folder of hard-learned settings...
Bleah !!