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* June 24, 2016, 12:53:09 PM
Hello Again All;
Iím hoping to draw from Patriciaís wisdom again, regarding cabinets. I am running TurboFloorPlan Home & Landscape Pro 2016. Admittedly, I have only been playing with it for a couple of weeks, and Iím still trying to learn the ins and outs
I have run into a situation that is a bit frustrating, and it stems from the automatic insertion of the island. I spoke to Tech Support, and they are unable to duplicate my problem on their computer. So, they believe that something went wrong when I installed the program. (My original instillation was from a downloaded file.) However, I ordered the backup CD from them, then uninstalled the software and reinstalled it from the CD. I still have the same issue, so since they can not duplicate it and my instillation is new, I am assuming that I am doing something to cause this problem.
Ok, that being said, on to the problem; From my understanding, if you do not touch the face of a wall with the cursor when placing a cabinet, the program will automatically insert an island. Very often, when I try to place a cabinet from the dropdown, an island is inserted instead of the cabinet that I selected. Originally, I assumed that I was not quite touching the face of the wall with my cursor. However, when I zoom in and try to insert the cabinet again making sure that the crosshairs are exactly on the face of the wall, an island is still inserted. It almost seems that there is a bug, because after having this happen, the island is inserted regardless of which cabinet component I select, and regardless of whether I drag the cursor along the wall face or hold it in one place.
The only way I have been able to stop the insertion of the island after this problem occurs, is to save the file, exit the program then start a new session.
Any wisdom on how I can do this better would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, JCN


June 24, 2016, 01:21:26 PM
Hi there,

I am surprised that the guys at Tech Support don't know the answer to this one. It is not a bug or installation issue, it is just the place to click. ;)

When you use the Cabinet icon (Floor Tab), you have two options to place the cabinets:
- If you place the cabinet by clicking on the floor of the room, the program will set an island cabinet.
- If you place the cabinet by clicking on the wall of the room (on the axis / center of the wall, not on the surface of the wall) , the program will set a wall cabinet using the selected model => See attached.
Notice that, as is stated in the in the User's Guide, you can use the Drag Along Wall method to place your cabinets.

Tip 1: Once you place the cabinet on the wall, you can select it and change the model / dimension.
Tip 2: More about adding cabinets => User's Guide => page 140.
Tip 3: More about Drag Along Wall => User's Guide => page 51.
Tip 4: when you pass the mouse over a tool, a tooltip appears with instructions and tips related with the tool, as you can see in the image attached.
Tip 5: You don't need to start a new session => just select the extra cabinet => use the Delete key in your keyboard.

Hope this helps

Patricia G.
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* June 25, 2016, 12:31:19 AM
Once again you have shown me the light.
By the way, the folks at tech support were very courteous and tried to be as helpful as they could. I probably did not make myself as clear as I could have on what was happening.
Thank You Patricia
Oh, I guess I should tell you that this worked, and the problem is not really a problem but then, you know that don't you.


June 25, 2016, 04:39:58 AM
Hi there,

You're welcome! Glad to know that the solution worked.

Oh, I guess I should tell you that this worked, and the problem is not really a problem but then, you know that don't you.

Yes, I know...  :D

Patricia G.

* November 16, 2016, 11:50:51 AM
Looks like Patricia is instrumental for the program. I am also new to the 2017 version and having exactly the same problems with cabinets. I've been through the guide and watched the video over and over but I am not getting what I see in the video. I select a base cabinet then go to where I want to put it. Nine times out of ten it gets placed as an island cabinet with the overhanging countertop that I don't want. Rarely it will get placed against the wall but again nine times out of ten it will be on the wrong side of the wall. Even if by some miracle I get it close to where I wanted it the green alignment lines seem to be there just to confuse you. They have zippo to do with where the cabinet actually is. The guide says to use the drag along the wall tool but I can't find this anywhere! If I select the cabinet and then go back to what I specified, like the width, everything is reset to the default again. Why don't the changes stick for the cabinet you are placing? More often than not changing the width or the height also does nothing. I tried to change a three foot base cabinet in the bathroom to 3'6" at least ten times and it always went back to three feet. Very frustrating! If I put a base cabinet in and then want a similar depth top cabinet above it even if I manage to get them in the drawing I then have no way to select which cabinet I want to change.

Appreciate any guidance.   


November 16, 2016, 01:17:04 PM
Hi there,

Well, I started with this program in 2001... so, yes, you can say that I have some experience :)
TFP, as any program, has a learning curve. The best way to learn the program, IMO, is practice + practice + practice => Read and follow the manual (this is important), see the videos => try to create elements not related with your project, so you will become familiar with the commands and how to develop the different components.
If you are interested, I have several training e-books. See links below.

Now, regarding the cabinets, I am assuming that you read and followed all the steps explained in this thread.
Try the steps again following some additional tricks (see image attached)
1 - It is very important that you insert the cabinet by clicking on the axis of the wall (pointed with a red arrow in the image attached).
2 - Don't click on the surface of the wall (pointed with a green arrow in the image attached)
3 - When you apply the cabinet, it is placed following the movements of your hand. If you moved your hand to the opposite surface of the wall. just select it and drag it to the desired surface of the wall (pointed with a blue arrow in the image attached)
4 - Once you placed the cabinet => select it => Properties bar (right of the screen) => go to the cabinets' drop down menu => select the desired model => the selected cabinet (floor plan) will become the selected cabinet in the drop down menu.

Hope this helps.

Patricia G.
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