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Is there a "Coordinate Mode" method for drawing lot lines in TFP H&L Pro 2017?
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* May 18, 2017, 03:19:55 PM
In the 2017 User Guide there's the following statement:

1   On the Landscape plan toolbar, double-click Property Line Tool.
2   Choose the Coordinate Mode and click the Add button. The options differ depending on the reference meridian.

This statement is echoed in the Tutorial Video at where double clicking on the Property Line Tool, (after first drawing the property lines), brings up a "Survey Coordinates" window where survey coordinates can be entered.

I've been unable to bring up this Survey Coordinates window.

Is this an instance where the User's Guide is encompassing a wide variety of Punch products and the ability to summon the Survey Coordinates window just doesn't apply to TFP H&L Pro 2017?  It sure doesn't seem like that should be the case since the User's Guide suggests that everything discussed in the Guide should be there:

"Please note that not all features in this Userís Guide are available in every TurboFloorPlan Product.
Some features are available only in TurboFloorPlan PRO"


May 18, 2017, 04:35:21 PM
Hi there,

The TFP V2017 products don't include the Survey Coordinates feature.
You can trace them in the Detail Tab, or if you have the CAD file, you can import it