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Changing all walls in a room at once
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* February 23, 2008, 06:52:05 AM
Would it be possible to have the option, as in previous FloorPlan versions, to change all the walls in a room at once (and the Ceiling and floor if possible too)?  This was so simple.  To me the left and right sides of a wall does not work for walls across the screen and does not work in 3D, as the camera could be facing the opposite way to the plan, so left is then right.

It is not possible to select the four walls of a room and change the properties, because if you do and change the Left sides, then you change one wall in the room you want and one in each of the three adjacent rooms (and changing the four right sides changes 3 in the room and one outside of it). Does not make sense to me.

If you are playing with baseboards, wainscots etc then the results can be a disaster. After a 6 hour render on an large animation I found I had wall tiles from the bathroom in the adjoining bedroom and a similar situation in the Kitchen/Lounge. There was no time to redo it, so I just had to apologise. It somewhat ruined my 6 hour render - which was excellent otherwise and received spontaneous applause from the audience of 200+!

The previous versions 'change a whole room' worked much better.


Allan Chesney,
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