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GALLERY - Basic Raytrace Renderings
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* March 30, 2008, 06:05:44 AM
This thread has been created as a place to post COMPLETED FINAL IMAGES using Basic Raytrace Rendering.
These should be images that are an example of what the TurboFLOORPLAN can do.

If you have questions on Basic rendering then use the "Looking for Help" section.

Basic Raytrace renderings create a BMP image of your screen view that uses ray tracing to create shadows and reflections. Unlike Radiosity (Advanced) rendering it does not bounce light off surfaces so shadows are harsh. It is generally very quick and is ideal for exterior rendering.

Basic Raytrace Renderings are created by going to View / Redner 3D Real View and on the Basic tab click the Render button.

It would be better to convert the BMP image to a JPG before posting, as they use much less memory.
800 x 600 would be an ideal size as they are always easily visible, within the forum page on most PCs.

Maybe just a brief description of the image and any special technique, used would be helpful to others who would like to do something similar.

The example image below uses one car with mirror surfaces on the 2 Walls in the first image and 4 walls in the second. You will notice that the single light causes a flare in the mirrors.  Obviously the car body is shiny and the floor. They were done to test out reflections.


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