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Creating octagonal stairs off a deck?
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* February 02, 2020, 05:12:50 PM
I want to create a deck with an octagonal stair coming off one corner.  To do this I want to draw a set of concentric octagons in detail view, place the entire set over the corner in the right location, then remove the parts of the octagons I don't need (the segments that overlap the deck).  I'm running into lots of difficulties.

  • I can't get the octagon to rotate so an edge is perfectly horizontal.  There's always about 1/2 degree tilt, even after it appears to snap to the grid
  • If I try to resize an octagon, I cannot constrain it to resize equally in both dimensions.  Holding SHIFT looks like it's constraining the drag to 45 degrees but when I let go of the mouse button one of the dimensions snaps back to its original size, leaving me with a distorted octagon.
  • I can find no way to cut a shape and remove part of it
  • I can find no way to group a set of octagons so I can select, move and resize them as a group.  I can drag select them, but this is problematic when they have been placed over other objects, and I can't resize them as a group.  Is there a "group" option for shapes in the detail layer?
Are these capabilities beyond what TFP will do?