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X,Y center location, use to measure & locate
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* January 26, 2013, 07:20:55 AM
In virtually every 2D program I use (and think of TFP in floorplan 2D view), any selected object opens a small "window" to tell me where in X,Y the objects center is located (also usually x,y for start, end, length, width etc.) . . . but NOT TFP and I wish it did.

The information is already known in TFP math, all coders need to do is display the info: such as in the commander bar.

Further, user should be able to move the x,y = 0,0 from center of terrain (by default) to any location desired....usually a ctrl or alt + drag rulers corner to location desired.

Additionally, user should be able to display or not, a set of x and y rulers along the window edge.

These would be a tremendous user help in locating and seeing the size of any object on screen quickly and easily, rather than just the tools we have now.

So my feature request is to implement all of the above.  Thanks.