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Direction Of Movement In Response To Nudging
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* February 03, 2014, 01:15:55 PM

This may be a “tip” which no one else needs. But I thought that I would post it in case it might benefit someone.

I am using TFP 3D Home & Landscape Pro v16.0.C1.950. And I have been confused when using the cursor keys to “nudge” elements with a 3D view or elevation displayed. Because selected elements seemed to move in the wrong direction. As an example instance. After I select a fireplace element:
1.  Pressing the up cursor key causes the fireplace to move to the left on the display.
2.  Pressing the left cursor key causes the fireplace to move forward.
3.  Pressing the down cursor key causes the fireplace to move to the right.
4.  Pressing the right cursor key causes the fireplace to move backward.

Finally I (think I) appreciate the logic behind this behaviour: The orientation of the movement is always relative to the 2D Plan view. Irrespective of what view is actually displayed in the Drawing Area.

So perhaps the intention is that the 3D Cameras views and even the Elevations should be employed just for looking at a model? And that changes to a model should only be made with the 2D Plan view displayed?


* February 03, 2014, 05:04:35 PM
Hi and welcome  to the forum!

Yes you are correct - movement is in relation to the 2D plan.

If in 3D you are looking at the model from the front (eg in 2D placing a new camera at the bottom of the screen and dragging to the top) then the movement of Nudge will be correct - left arrow will move objects to the left and right to the right, while down arrow will move them towards you and up arrow away from you. In 3D however,  you can view from any angle, so if you have a 3D view from the top of the screen then the movements are reversed which can be confusing to say the least!

Your suggested directions would only apply to the specific angle you were viewing at that time. Move the camera to the opposite side and they would be reversed.

Generally it is easier to use the Nudge in plan view as you have found.


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