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using Using Turbo FP pro 16 on two computors question
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* March 14, 2015, 04:03:49 PM
Hello I have recently purchased Turbo Floor Plan 16 PRO here in Melbourne Australia to help me design a new
home, firstly I have to say I think it's an fantastic program which did not take me long to learn how to use, although still fine tuning my skills. My question is I have the software loaded on two laptops the primary one is working fine, I recently copied those files to a memory stick and transferred those files to my backup laptop, which I have at my office and would like to make changes to my new house designe at work, the files loaded fine within TFP opened perfectly however I cannot edit anything, if the licence only allows use on one laptop am I able to buy another copy for use here in Australia (win 7 64 bit ) I have not been able to find another copy here for sale. Second question, I cannot find within the library a passenger car, SUV. Third question, I use the aligned dimension tool to draw a distance line, say to set the building setback, or set a specific value, say for example three meters, using the above tool which I think is the most appropriate when I drag the value line out I cannot get the value exactly right, the best I can do is within a few mm, the only tool I can find that one can dictate the measurement value is the site boundry tool, with this tool one can draw a approximate distance line then type in the exact distance one requires, however I have found this tool is not suitable for detail measurements within the home design as it displays lat long data, that data takes up too much space. Would appreciate very much help on the above inquiries. Thanks in advance.
Regards Peter
Melbourne Australia   


* March 14, 2015, 11:46:46 PM
Hi Peter,

Welcome to the forum.
I agree with you that V16 is a very intuitive and fascinating program, producing very precise drawings and ultra realistic 3D models and images. I use it (or more precisely its successors) virtually every day.

Question 1 Two Computers:
This should not be a problem. I would check out the laptop video card driver - could it be out of date? To test this out go to Settings / Program Settings / Graphics and un-tick the Hardware Acceleration box. If you can now edit the model,  it could mean a new driver update is required from the laptop manufacturers website.

It may be difficult to get another copy of V16 now unless there are still some in shops such as Harvey Norman or Officeworks. The program is now about up to the equivalent of V19  but sold as Personal Architect ( ). PA will open and edit files started in TFP 16. TurboFLOORPLAN V17 and later versions from IMSI, referred to in the second part of this forum, are a totally different program based on Punch software and are not compatible in any way.

2 - Cars
You should find a couple of cars in Exterior Accessories (I think). If you can't find them, start a new thread under the "Need Help"0 section and I, and maybe others, can share some with you.

3 - Measuring Line.
When you start to draw a dimension line or wall etc you should see a box appear are the bottom of the screen in the Commander Bar. You can type the exact dimension (and direction if you want) in this box and then Enter. The line will be the exact.lenngth you specify. If it is not there, the Commander Barr may be turned off in the Settings menu.

Hope that helps,

Allan Chesney,
Kalamunda, Perth, Western Australia

TurboFloorPlan Home and Landscape Pro V16.0.C1.901
Envisioneer Construction Suite V9.1.2.1234
TurboCAD V17 Professional

* March 16, 2015, 12:44:20 PM
Thanks Allan very much indeed, I did moniter that little box in the bottom left but thought it just displayed the length of the distance line one was drawing with the mouse, what a difference it makes now I can type the exact length.
Regards Peter