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dulux rgb colours
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* May 04, 2013, 04:54:59 AM
Dulux Paints, being one of the more popular brands downunder, does not appear in the TFP15 (or later afaik) paint list so I went looking for a way to work out the RGB equivalents.

Going to the main Dulux webpage does not help as they have placed their colour browser inside a flash program embedded in their webpage. However the same does not apply to their mobile phone version :)

Use your mobile phone browser to go to and browse/search for your colour chips. Make note of the path to those colours, particularly some of the odder colours that only appear in their decorators paint book.
Once you have found the colour, fire up a browser on your pc this time and go to - this wont look very good and navigation is a real pain as the menus are designed for smartphones. However if you have noted the path on your phone, you should be able to navigate to the correct page. eg I was looking for trade only colour called 'Flooded Gum' - a warm grey for some kitchen walls.

its path is:

This will show you a rather large sample of the colour.

Now the trickey bit.

In firefox, right click on the page and select 'view page source'.
In IE, right click on the page and select 'view source'.

This will show you the underlying html used to generate the page. Scan down through the html and look for

           <div class="main-colour PG2Specifier" style="background-color: rgb(163,162,159)">
                <span style="color: #fff;" >
                    PG2C3&nbsp;Flooded Gum

The 3 numbers in the rgb() is the red, green, blue codes you need to enter into a new colour swatch in TFP.

Hope that helps.

ps. many other paint company websites can be used in a similar way to get their RGB codes.




* May 04, 2013, 06:57:11 AM
Three sites with lots of resources about paint and colors

Hope this helps


Patrick Sullivan

* May 04, 2013, 07:05:48 AM
Hi Tim,

Thanks for providing the details of how to get the RGB colours (and Pat for the other sources). I have wanted to do that many times, although not for TFP but other web related things.

Actually a better way for TFP use, would be to use a Capture tool or the Windows 7 'Snipping' tool and just 'cut out' a square from the Dulux colour on the screen and save it as a BMP file to the TFP Textures folder. You can then import it as a texture and even create another group called Dulux Paints if you want. You will notice that all the BenMoor Paint colours in TFP are saved as textures in BMP format, as this is the best way to retain the true colour. They only need to be a very small 'snip' as you can see if you look at the BenMoore colours in the textures folder.

Doing it this way saves going into the html of the page of course but it is a better way to do it is because sometimes using the "Solid Color" option (instead of a Texutre), does not work properly. Sometimes colours act like a mirror and simply reflect the Terrain or other things around them. This is a known  bug, which we hope will be fixed in a future release. Using the colour as a BMP Texture overcomes the problem. Beware too the catalogue section just called Paint and some under Finishes (eg Porcelain), as they are actually also Solid Color options also and these cause problems like other RGB Solid Colors. See this post (from about reply 40) for more details on this bug:,1954.30.html.

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