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Opening old (ver 12?) TFP files
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March 16, 2014, 07:10:09 AM
I have recently had occasion to refer back to TFP project files I made in 2009 when I was using ver 12. These, of course, won't open in ver 16 that I am now running and having downloaded a copy of ver 12 I find that they won't run in that either! I get an error message telling me that the files were made in a newer version than the ver 12 one I am now trying to use yet I have no record of having a newer version (than ver 12) back when I made the files.

Can anyone guide me as to how I can retrieve my old files?


* March 18, 2014, 06:36:45 PM
You probably need an updated version of v12 (like 12.2 or similar), but I don't remember what updates there were nor how to get them....except look in your old files or do a Google search.  There is an archive of old web sites available via search.



* March 21, 2014, 07:23:33 AM
Actually you should be able to open V12 files in V16 as they are compatible. I have files from V12 that I can still open in V16, so it should work (unless there is some corruption in the file itself).  V11 and earlier files were not compatible (and V17 is not) but V12-V16 are. Later versions will open earlier ones - earlier ones will not open later ones of course.

If you cannot get it to open you could email the file to me and I will see if I can open it and save it as V16 for you.(alches AT iinet DOT net DOT au).


Allan Chesney,
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