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Solving issues: "paint going to the sky" "can't apply materials" "black screen"
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November 22, 2016, 07:02:51 AM
For Windows programs

Video cards (specially integrated chip-sets) are mainly designed for games, and games require videocard accelerations: if you need to kill the Mars warrior (in your game,  :) of course) you should kill it fast and you don't care about the thickness, height or specs of the wall behind the Mars warrior, right? So, in a game, speed comes first and precision after. In TFP is different, the walls' specs come first (precision) and this takes a toll in the computer hardware.
This is why, for some issues, we recommend to run the video card with less acceleration in order to improve the precision.

Note that we are talking about videocard acceleration and not about program or computer speed (they are different concepts)

This is this TFP solution for this issue:
Go to => Edit => Preferences => System => Graphics => Hardware Acceleration. By default, the level of the accelerations is "Full" => Move the control to the center and see if the problem is solved. If not, move the control to the left (None) => check if the problem is solved.

Hope this helps!