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Unable to draw anything if it takes you longer than about 5-6 seconds???????????
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* July 15, 2018, 12:49:55 PM
I noticed this problem at the time that I upgraded to TurboFloorPlan Home & Landscape Pro 2017 version, which was back probably a year and a half ago, though I initially mischaracterized the problem.

What I noticed back then was if I was drawing something - anything - and I paused movement of the cursor while I thought about what I was doing, after a certain amount of time in this "paused" mode - finger still firmly holding down the left mouse button - the workspace would go completely blank.   The second I moved the mouse the workspace would reappear with the object I was drawing "completed" at the point where the workspace went blank.  I could even carefully release the mouse button and the screen would remain blank as long as I didn't move the mouse.

I gave up on the program but came back to it a few weeks ago as I was trying to do a layout and ran into the same problem.  The "workaround", such as it was, was that if that "pause" problem caused the object to be drawn wrong I'd attempt to edit the object to get it right.  Very frustrating.

I figured that this had to be a technical issue, one that the tech's at TurboCAD would be happy to handle as "support help to troubleshoot unexpected software errors or behavior."

So I shot them an email and explained the problem, characterizing it as some sort of "time out" problem when you paused your drawing, and they responded promptly that they'd get back to me shortly.  And indeed they did, 13 days later with:


Your ticket - Is there some sort of "timeout" clock running in the background? -  has been closed.

We hope that the ticket was resolved to your satisfaction. If you feel that the ticket should not be closed or if the ticket has not been resolved, please reply to this email.

I immediately replied to the email that nothing had transpired - they'd provided no help, they had simple closed the issue after the passage of time.  There has been no response to my email; TurboCAD has closed the drapes, turned out the lights and are pretending no one's home.

Today I determined that it's not the "pause" that's causing the glitch here it simply the passage of time.  That is, if you start drawing something, keeping the cursor moving, at around the 5 - 6 second mark the program spasms: the workspace goes blank and the object is "completed" at wherever the cursor was when time runs out.

Any body else experienced this problem?  And it you have, were you able to fix it?


July 15, 2018, 02:16:33 PM
Hi there,

I saw this issue before => this is a random occurrence and it is related with your computer system. Basically, when tracking and holding the mouse down, Windows thinks the application isn't responding.

As this Forum is user to user, I can't evaluate your computer conditions or provide Computer / hardware / Windows ideas (not my field). Perhaps other users can provide ideas? Otherwise, I'd suggest that you send a new email to TFP tech support.

* July 15, 2018, 02:42:56 PM
As I said, the issue isn't the "pause to think" situation, though originally that was what I thought was the issue.  It's literally a "time out" on the amount of time you have to draw your object.  If, for example, I simply draw a line under the Detail tab, constantly moving the mouse, never stopping, the program spasms:  the workplace is a clean white sheet for a moment and, since I'm always moving the mouse, the line is now drawn on the screen with its end point at where ever the mouse was at the time of the spasm.

I'll try another email to TFP but I'll lay odds that there's no response.


July 15, 2018, 02:49:43 PM
As stated, it is how Windows understands this "amount of time you have to draw your object".

I am just a volunteer here....  ;)